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Building Our Foundation

Step #1: Discovery Meeting

Our initial meeting is used to get to know one another.
It’s important to us to learn about you and your family,
discuss your goals and current financial situation, and
give you a better idea of the values and strategies we
use at Bucks County Wealth Management.

Step #2: Presentation Meeting

After our initial meeting, we will put together a
personalized financial plan recommendation and then
sit down with you to go over our assessment, which
analyzes your investment/portfolio and reviews your
risk management.

Step #3: Client Onboarding

Once we’ve agreed on a financial course of action, we’ll
begin the onboarding process. This includes opening
your accounts with us, a review of your beneficiaries,
and a seamless setup into our systems.

Step #4: 45 Day Review

Our next touchpoint occurs after your first statement,
during which we will review your investments and
portfolio, go over your Cetera Account & eMoney Site
profiles, and adjust your financial goals as needed.

Step #5: 90 Day Review

After the first 3 months, we will touch base to check in
on your financial plan, assess your risk, and modify any
financial goals.

Step #6: Quarterly Reviews

Going forward, we will schedule ongoing meetings to
review your investments. Each quarter, we will be able to
identify trends in your portfolio, determine an ideal level
of risk, and revise financial goals as life deems necessary.

Roadmap and Financial Planning

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